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The Groups & Incentive Team

Lynne Sawyer joined Ilanga Travel in November 1996.  Head of Ilanga Travel’s Groups & Incentive Division, Lynne is one of Ilanga Travel’s longest standing employees.

“After so many years, I still experience a thrill when guests run out of superlatives to describe their awe and amazement at what we have on offer”,

says Lynne.

“I love Africa and being South African, I am truly honoured to have a job that allows me to share our many cultures, wildlife and beautiful scenery on our amazing continent with others.” What sets this company apart for Lynne is that it is privately owned and managed, small, and has over 20 years of experience in the South African market. Individual needs are directly catered for. “For most travellers a trip to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we strive to invent new experiences that are different, exciting and memorable and extend beyond the client’s wildest expectations.”

Groups & Incentive Consultants

Miriam Goomany
joined August 2016

Our Approach

Often referred to as the Dark Continent, Africa has held people enthralled for centuries. South Africa and its neighbouring countries offer a wide variety of different travel destinations all within one travel experience. Ilanga Travel has time and again proved its expertise in the groups and incentive segment of the tourism market.

Starting with the quotation process, our dedicated staff ensure first-class and friendly service. Our years of experience in the industry provide us with a large base of reliable resources, not only offering the high standard of service which has become our trademark, but guaranteeing competitive rates across a broad spectrum of different options – all in our collective effort to cater for the varying needs of each group.

Our goal is that each and every guest leaves our shores with such a memorable experience that they will speak of it for years to come. Difficult – but not impossible.


No group is too small or large, no request too outlandish or specialised. Our highly motivated and creative team have successfully operated group tours in fields as diverse as agriculture and farming, diving, choirs and big bands, architecture, banking and finance, as well as international governmental and parliamentary delegations – to name just a few. Not to mention the large number of golf groups and golf professionals we have successfully had in our country, many of whom have become repeat travellers with us through our amazing country.


Finesse and attention to detail so necessary for the smooth running of incentives with many minute details is exactly what makes us specialists. Knowing that more is expected and warranted, we are constantly sourcing the ideal locations – something new and unexpected with just the perfect ambience to charm even the most demanding and discerning traveller.