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Ilanga Travel and the Travel Smart Crew

Travel Smart Crew (TSC) is a unique shareholder-driven company – the shareholders being amongst the most respected personalities in the inbound travel industry. Being owned and managed by 18 of the most well-established inbound travel specialist companies in Southern Africa, it offers both unique and exclusive negotiating and buying power for these companies and their clients.

As a proud shareholder of Travel Smart Crew, Anedore and the Ilanga Travel team are able to be more focused on providing their clients and guests with great service to ensure a fantastic travel experience. Travel Smart Crew focuses solely on engaging with suppliers to ensure the best rates and services are obtained to fulfil this mandate.

This partnership benefits not only the shareholders and their clients, but suppliers too, with the promise of respectful, ethical dealings with a powerful central group. For suppliers, dealing with TSC on behalf of these leading travel companies is undeniably the guarantee of a mutually beneficial relationship, and this is what Ilanga Travel has always striven for.

The Ilanga Travel team and Travel Smart Crew – combining to offer unique travel experiences at the best rates to our clients and their guests.

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