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The FIT Team

Josy Stone (with Ilanga Travel since 2009) and Elisa Cordiglia (with Ilanga Travel since 2007) head up Ilanga Travel’s ueber-efficient FIT division.

Our Approach

Ilanga Travel’s FIT market is based on absolute personalisation of service and delivery. Consultants are trained to treat each holiday as if it were their own. Whether the clients wish to spend their holiday as self-drive guests, in the company of one of our top tour guides, as couples who have chosen South Africa as their wedding or honeymoon destination, as golfers, as gourmet and wine connoisseurs, as hobby or professional photographers, as adventurers, as small group travellers – we make dreams come true and recognise that our clients save, plan, dream and long for the day that they will set foot on African soil.

Each and every request remains special and precious to Ilanga Travel, irrespective of available budget or length of stay. Our team is pedantic about the attention they give to each and every file and handle these with diligence and precision. Visitors can therefore expect suitable and personally endorsed hotels, lodges and guesthouses.

Six weeks prior to travel, clients will receive a fully-detailed itinerary with comprehensive directions. And it doesn’t stop there: while clients are travelling, an Ilanga Travel consultant is but a phone call away to handle any unforeseen events, to answer questions, or to simply share in their clients’ experiences.

Senior FIT Consultants

Iben Hoecher
joined March 2006

Anne Scherner
joined March 2014

Miriam Goomany
joined August 2016

Kyla Cornelissen
joined January 2017

Chrissy Braun
joined April 2017

FIT Consultants

Ivonne Schiele
joined February 2019

Michelle Matzdorff
joined April 2019