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BARC Animal Welfare Gansbaai

Objectives and Responsibilities – Fieldworker

  1. Provide shelter, food and water for abandoned animals.
  2. Striving to find them a proper home with caring people.
  3. Investigate cruelty and neglect. Remove the animal, care for it and look for a good home.
  4. All animals in our care are given up-to-date vaccinations and are sterilized before giving them to a new home.
  5. On a regular basis we go into informal settlements, provide free dipping and de-worming pills, also look for animals that might be sick abused or neglected
  6. Regular subsidized sterilization programs are planned every year in conjunction with a local vet for population control.
  7. In the process of doing his day to day job, the field worker also strives to educate people on proper animal care and welfare

One of the devastating aspects of this project is that some animals are found in such a state of damage that we have no alternative but to euthanase them.

Fundraising Programs

  1. A Second Hand Shop provides a regular flow of income, but BARC is very dependent on donations from the public, whether in the form of second hand clothes, linen, blankets, shoes, kitchenware, ornaments … anything is helpful and gratefully appreciated.
  2. Money boxes at the tills of retail partners.
  3. Two to three times a year a fundraising day is held.
  4. Selling pancakes.
  5. Holding a Pet Show during “Fees van die Ganse” .
  6. “Pet-a-thon” (Owners and their pets walking together on a specific route)
  7. Money donations and sponsors from local businesses and fellow animal lovers.

Should you wish to make contact, please call Philip (field worker) on + 27 83 742 3903, or Annalie Jonker on + 27 82 826 0631.