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“Hi Silke. I need you to go and have a good stiff drink, because my Desert Museum people want to come back again! You see, you did too much of a good job!”

“We arrived back safe in Germany and would sincerely like to thank you and your team. You have organised our tour and there were no problems. We very much enjoyed spending time in your country and would love to come again.”

“After we managed to survive the cold shock (it is currently snowing and freezing cold here), and I’ve battled through my first pile of work, I would like to thank you once more. We had a wonderful holiday in South Africa and the accommodation was superb throughout. Even my husband was impressed. The tree houses were great, and the Ellermann House fantastic. The safari with accommodation was also top notch.”

“Wonderfully organised. Exact info in advance. Well coordinated. We had a wonderful holiday.”

“Some more praise for your wonderful organisation and itinerary. I am already trying to convince my friends to go to South Africa.”

“The trouble taken by Ilanga to ensure that we were satisfied was very thoughtful. On the first day, we were greeted with a welcome letter in our rooms at the Heia Safari and by the end of our holiday we received a call to hear if everything went well. Big compliment to Ilanga.”

“Thanks again Silke, it was a pleasure and yes, we look forward to many more!”

“It was a wonderful tour with fantastic game viewing opportunities!”

“We arrived home from South Africa safe and satisfied. Our expectations were far exceeded. The uniqueness of the diverse landscape and the many captivating experiences will remain with us. From an organisational point of view everything, such as the accommodation and tickets, went smoothly. For that we would like to thank you.”

“Today we arrived back from our holiday in South Africa and we are still on cloud number nine. A big compliment to you, your team and your partner company in South Africa – everything was perfect! The sites, lodges and camps were wonderfully chosen! Add to that the perfect coordination for this 24 day self-drive tour.”

“Silke, thank YOU and Gillian for a fabulous trip – you really made our lives so much easier and actually allowed us to have more fun than we have ever been able to do on trips!! The group was a great one and they have all said huge thank you’s to us all for such great organization and they thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed all their activities – haven’t been so busy on a trip before!”

“Back again in Germany. We are trying to settle in, which is not easy going after a tour that offered such wonderful variety, but luckily the weather is not so bad. We had many lasting impressions and everyone brought home with them a personal highlight to remember with fondness.”

“We came back yesterday from South Africa and I wanted to tell you about our feelings: We had a fantastic trip we will never forget.”

“Dear Ilanga Team
In a nutshell: it was a terrific tour for which I would like to sincerely thank you. The events, the accommodation as well as the organising of the bus, supper and lunch were superb.
A big compliment also to the tour guide, Mr Gerhard Frenzel, who went out of his way to wonderfully accommodate us. Admittedly, the weather was great too, unlike two years ago when I also did a tour with your company. Please convey my thanks to all who were involved with our tour.
We are already planning exactly the same tour for 2010, but only after the World Cup.”

“No time as always, but it’s about time that I give you some feedback.
The overall tour was good. Your support service was exceptional – many thanks for that.
I’m looking forward to working with you again. Many greetings!”

“The clients were extremely thrilled, which is really pleasing to hear.
Everything went smoothly and he was full of praise for your organisation on site. Especially the group check-ins at the hotels and the airport really made an impression on him. He was generally impressed with the way you organised everything.
All in all the group really enjoyed it and everybody was satisfied. Also from my side a big pat on the back to you and the two tour guides. Without you none of this would have been possible.
Thank you very much for the overall organisation. Everything really went perfectly.”

“Hello Silke. Until now we have only received positive feedback from the clients and are really, really grateful for your GOOD COOPERATION!”

“Dear team
Today I have – finally – received the official letter of thanks for our Africa tour.
I would like to convey my thanks to everybody who was involved. I have heard from various parties that the tour was a huge success.
The Victoria Falls/Botswana concept was a “brave” counter-proposal by us (brave, because the logistics was a huge challenge and of course deep Africa provided problems of its own!), but the client was eventually convinced.
Many thanks to Ilanga, who supported my concept throughout. I am very glad that the whole team turned this very difficult project into a success!
Kindest regards”

“Dear Lynne, thanks again for the wonderful cooperation! Should there be another South Africa tour in the wings, we definitely won’t take it on without Ilanga by our side!”

“Hello from Frankfurt
We are struggling to get through all the e-mails and flowers here.
Feedback: “With this tour you have brought more colour into the lives of all guests. It was an unforgettable experience – it could not have been organised better. It was wonderful!“

“A mere THANK YOU seems a bit shallow, but it’s from the heart.”

“I’m told that everything went perfectly. Gill was great, and the group was yearning for her yesterday in Namibia!! Thanks for all your hard work. I take my hat off to you dealing with groups all the time. They make me extremely nervous!”