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The Purple Kennel Project

Purple Kennel

WHO is The Purple Kennel Project? …. Samantha Chatham owner of Cape Town based Somewhere SOUTH – Hospitality Solutions, a tourism marketing consultancy is a long time animal lover and supporter of various township rescue projects. Samantha and her executive assistant Luckmore Fadzi, not forgetting her four canine office workers are extremely excited to finally get their very own animal welfare project off the ground. “We have been planning this for a while and have lots of ideas in the pipeline to make it a success and hope you will join us for the ride to help our four legged friends keep warm and dry this winter”.

WHY & WHAT is the Purple Project? … Like many other thousands of good hearted animal lovers out there … We often felt helpless when hearing about the never ending challenges and needs of the many dedicated welfare organisations and rescue workers out there trying desperately to end the cycle of animal abuse in townships and poverty stricken areas of our city. Here at our company Somewhere SOUTH we often give a few hundred rands to various welfare projects when we can … and although always greatly appreciated by the organisations, We are often left feeling we have simply donated to a bottomless pit of vet bills, dog food, staff costs etc. Do not get me wrong … All of these are very realistic costs that HAVE to be met … and many people I know are happy to continue contributing to that side of the fundraising.

However ..We also know there are many like us out there that would like to see that their kind donation has truly made a difference, if only to the life of ONE dog. This is where the idea for PURPLE KENNEL PROJECT came to fruition …. ie: We decided to focus our fundraising efforts on a particular area of need, rather than trying to do bits and pieces all over the place and never really feeling any great achievement!

On the top of every welfare organisation’s ‘wish list’ especially in the chilly winter months and for those working in townships is the request for kennels. They can be expensive and are not always easy to find at an affordable price. So hopefully with your help … The aim is to be soon providing Kennels (Big Purple ones to be precise!) for distribution to a selection of our most needy welfare partners. Read on our next post as to how we hope to do this ….

HOW is the Purple Kennel Project going to achieve their goals? ….Firstly.. Our tag line is “Pointing people and PAWS in the right direction” … and so from the very first seed of our idea, the deal was always not just about providing warm shelter for dogs but to also provide sustainable work for someone in the form of Kennel building! In fact it was a chance meeting with Philip Mazvidzo when buying garden furniture …that fast tracked everything into action.

Philip, originally from Zimbabwe has made South Africa his home and as the main bread winner in his family of four, lives in the local Township Dunoon and earns what he can selling wooden items from the side of the road.

The kennels he makes are waterproofed from the inside and made mainly from old pallets to keep the cost down and although quite rustic are strong, sturdy and almost a metre square!


For more information, and to find out how you can also help make a difference to a dog like this – see here:

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