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TCD Trust

tcdThe Tourism Community Development Trust (TCD Trust) is a tourism-focussed development agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The TCD Trust’s objective is to make a difference at a grass-roots level in South Africa’s communities by consolidating the fundraising and social investment efforts of companies within the South African Tourism industry.

As members of the Western Cape and South Africa Tourism and Hospitality Industry, the Tourism Community Development Trust believes it can play a leading role in facilitating community involvement in the positive growth that our sector can provide.

Their aim is to provide access to direct and indirect fundraising efforts for identified projects as well as to educate the broader community about the role that Tourism and Hospitality stakeholders can play in bringing about real change in our society.

Focus on the Future

Any country’s future depends largely on the health and well-being of its children and it is with this in mind that the TCD Trust has chosen to focus mainly on the many needs of children in our underprivileged communities…

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