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TEARS is a Pro-life, non-profit organisation whose core aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-unite and re-home lost, abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats.

We exist to:

  • lessen the suffering of abandoned, injured and abused dogs and cats by rescuing them, providing for their well being and placing them into loving homes;
  • reduce the numbers of unwanted animals by providing free sterilisations in disadvantaged communities;
  • provide humane education to the people to create an awareness of the moral and ethical responsibility we have towards the animals whose world we share.

As a pro-active organisation we strive to meet the needs of the underprivileged communities we serve, namely Masiphumelele, Ocean View, Mountain View and Red Hill by:

  • providing primary health care such as vaccinations, deworming and parasite control;
  • offering free sterilisations for their companion animals;
  • providing a scheduled daily Mobile Clinic, offering basic health care (vaccinating, deworming, parasite control) and food to the animals six days a week;
  • establishing an essential working relationship with the residents to protect the rights of the animals and empowering and supporting them through effective education, guidance and follow up;
  • providing a registered clinic on our premises, offering veterinary care for pets for any condition, illness or injury.

In 2009 we extended our services to assist the impoverished communities of Capricorn Park (Vrygrond) and surrounds (near Muizenberg), focusing on sterilisation and primary health care, and when funding is received, we intend providing a scheduled daily Mobile Clinic.

Daily we care for +-300 animals at our shelter, providing them with food, shelter, veterinary care, exercise and positive interaction with people until they can be placed in loving homes.
To help sustain our operation we have three charity shops, in Bergvliet, Fish Hoek and Sunnydale and a bookshop in Bergvliet.

In 2007 we bought a beautiful 3,1 hectare property on Kommetjie Road, Sunnydale, known as Wenga Farm.  We intend building a world-class, eco-friendly, “green” animal shelter, and we are in the process of planning this exciting project in the near future.

Sterilising companion animals in disadvantaged communities and feral cats are our primary focus.