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Introducing Bidvest Car Rental (Pty) ltd – previously know in South Africa as Budget Rent-a-Car

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Following many media and press releases in recent months regarding the BUDGET/BIDVEST & AVIS/BARLOW changes in South Africa, we are very pleased to summarise and share as follows.

Bidvest, the previous licensee of the brand/franchise Budget has decided to not renew the contract giving them license to operate under the international Budget Brand. Budget Brand will in future be operated by with Avis as is already the case world-wide.

Essentially for us, this merely means a name change from Budget to Bidvest and we are very happy to announce our continued successful and valued relationship with the exact same leadership & team now only under the name of Bidvest CAR RENTAL (Pty) Ltd, until recently known to us as Budget.

In short, the car rental company including all assets and infrastructure, offices, branches and fleet and of course all staff and positions remain unchanged for us ,i.e. BUSINESS AS USUAL

Very Important for immediate attention to avoid confusion for your clients traveling beyond 01.03.2015

The impact of the above will be visually noticeable to the travelling public as that they will see us in our current locations displaying our new branding “Bidvest Car Rental” whilst Avis in their existing locations displaying their new branding “Avis Budget” in other words:

Only the name BIDVEST will be displayed in ex-Budget locations in line with the separation agreement and not stating “formally Budget”.

Avis Budget in line with a global strategy will have both brands in the same kiosk.

Bidvest will have a team in the initial stages in March directing traffic to their kiosks.

We are proposing, if possible for you, that Ilanga replaces all issued Budget Vouchers with Bidvest Vouchers to assist your clients in entering the correct (ex Budget) locations and not end up going to AVIS BUDGET.

If you agree to this measure and feel able to forward amended vouchers to your clients, please advise. Otherwise we suggest that you contact your clients and simply advise them of the Budget to Bidvest name change. The issued Budget Vouchers will remain valid. Please advise your thoughts and requirements.

And lastly in keeping with the amicable separation, Avis/Budget will also assist ex Budget clients to the Bidvest Counters.

For any questions, please contact Anedore Kessler at