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South African Electricity Shortages


South Africa is experiencing Electricity Shortages. For the foreseeable future, all suburbs throughout the country have been placed on a load shedding schedule. This means that for certain periods in a day (minimum 2.5 hours) the suburbs will not be supplied with electricity.

During these periods Ilanga Travel is only reachable on the following telephone numbers:

Margit +27 82 457 3784

Kirsten +27 83 261 9096

Lynne +27 82 494 5557

Elisa +27 73 451 3660

Ani +27 82 657 2656

Unfortunately we can not predict when our power supply will be cut, as it is determined by the electricity supplier randomly as required.

Please note that Ilanga Travel can not send/receive emails, or perform any work which requires electricity during these times.

We apologise profusely for these unbelievably bad conditions, and the inconvenience these shortages will cause.

Kind regards, Margit and Ani