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The Evolution of Lion Sands Ivory Lodge


Lion Sands Ivory Lodge has always held a very special place in our hearts, and based on the standalone experience that our guests have come to enjoy over the last 10 years the time has come for us to take her to the next level of extraordinary.

The 1st May 2016 will see the temporary closure of Lion Sands Ivory Lodge. We will be keeping her carefully hidden for a period of four months (May to August), during which time our team of architects and interior designers will be recreating magic. The grand reveal of the enhanced Lion Sands Ivory Lodge will take place on the 1st September 2016, the very same day we celebrate 15 years of walking this wonderful road with you!

As we did when we first built Lion Sands Ivory Lodge, we will keep you frequently updated about our progress and also give you, closer to the time, some insight into the changes and improvements. Those who have worked with us will know that it is never ‘uber alles’, but rather about simple beauty which blends as harmoniously as possible with the incredible surrounds, emphasising the breathtaking views over the Sabie River. The changes will speak to comfort, light, nature, landscape & privacy. We will also be creating a two-bedroom villa which will help, in some way, to fill the gap left by our beautiful 1933.

Lion Sands River Lodge, Tinga and Narina will not be impacted in any way during this four month period.

Robert More
Co-Founder & CEO, MORE